Industry Updates

Industry Updates

504 Debt Refinance is now a permanent program!

Starting June 24, 2016, SBA will begin accepting applications for the refinance of existing commercial mortgages. Although we can’t submit to SBA until the end of June, please send us any potential debt refinance applications today so we can begin processing and underwriting.

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SBA to Expand Access to Loan Programs

Fewer regulations will streamline applications and ensure program integrity through enhanced oversight.


Hello, Middle America.  The SBA Wants To Get You Funded.

Some 70% of start-up capital goes to just three coastal states.  The SBA’s chief says she wants to even the balance, and she has the programs to do it.


SBA Offers Small Business New Online Tool

SBA is offering a small business market research analysis tool called Size-Up! Check out this powerful market analysis tool.

President Obama signs H.R. 5297 into Law –
September 27, 2010

A number of substantial benefits for America’s small businesses were incorporated into H.R. 5297 – the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010 that became law on September 27, 2010. Included in the legislation are major enhancements to the SBA 504 loan program that allow many more small business owners across the country to receive SBA 504 loans. The net worth for companies to be eligible for an SBA 504 loan was increased, the maximum 504 loan size was raised and temporary refinancing of existing commercial debt under 504 was also approved.

Understanding the Economy

Commercial real estate has long been viewed as a hedge against inflation. Possession of a hard asset, something that can produce income and retain value for its physical characteristics and utility, is comforting to investors, particularly as prices of commodities rise and cash becomes less valuable. But has commercial real estate actually been a good inflation hedge? What are the prospects for inflation in the near future, and how might inflation impact real estate?

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